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What’s in a word?

In a world consumed with hyperbole, misinformation, and alternative facts. We aim to dispell these “mistruths” by “occupying” their misinformation campaign with hard facts, from credible, and verified sources.

I’m just a regular Carlos, not a “criminal, rapist, or bad hombre.”

I’m a lefty leaning, liberal snowflake, who is trying hard to be the change we need to see in this world. This project was borne out of my experiences in developing social media networks for the past 10 years. 

I believe society is wasting the information age feeding narcissism, which can be correlated to the myriad of issues we face today. Courtesy of the proliferation of echo chambers – furthering the division which is corrupting our moral fiber.

And by morals, I mean the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  So I’m on a quest to do my best to affect the change we need in this world. And for me, it all starts with education.

Education – specifically factual information – should help you discern any cognitive bias, which in turn should afford you the opportunity to explore different viewpoints. 

We used to be a country where differences of opinions were respected. We agreed to disagree. That being said, my goal is to provide a portal that can afford you the information you will need to make an informed decision. So together we can become the change we need in this world.

I’d like to be known for my contributions to society. Greatness for me is not measured by the amount of wealth one has acquired. It’s more about the greater good. In my opinion this is how greatness is defined.  

Wherefore, our goal is to inform and educate, by occupying issues affecting the majority of us. Because the answer to all our problems, issues, or woes, can all be solved with education. 

Carpe Diem

Carlos Barberena



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